I  miss my childhood moments. How i not care about anything and just care  about barbie dolls. How i act annoying crazy and stupid and people  think its cute >< aaawhh great times, great times. Now, everything  changes. Whether i want to care or not, i'm still GONNA care.  Come on, if people talk behind your back, no way you dont care. You must  feel something. That is normal human. Plus, people nowdays are so effing judgemental. Why oh why? Oh God.

I've wasted my childhood wishing i was old.. And now I'm old old and this thing thing sucks to the max. Well, sometimes its great. Lolz. Herm  i wish i was a kid again duhh. No broken heart. Just a knee damage and  a kiss from my mom will make everythings better.

Screw you, teenage year. I want my childhood year back.

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