Were we really  friends?

I feel as if I was just there when your other “friends” were not around. You don’t even try to keep in touch with me or bother to say anything to me anymore. I feel like you have let others influence you about the bad side of me. I really thought you were my best friend. But no. I remember the days we would just chill at either my house or yours and talk for hours about everything. What happened to our dreams ? Being old enough to buy a nice apartment for the both of us? All of our inside jokes? Do you even remember half the things I tell you?

Being left alone by you hurts a lot . I thought was a true friendship.  I just really annoying? Countless times, I watch all of our old silly videos together at blog . Singing and just doing the most weirdest stuff. We barely talk . No, we don’t talk in general anymore. Why? I know I can be annoying, and mean, but I thought we were close enough that you wouldn’t even mind it anymore. I also know I have done a lot of bad things in the past, I’m so sorry. I would do anything to stop myself from doing it, I would. You are the only one I’ve broken down in front of, letting out all my tears. I was there for you when you went through your first heartbreak, nothing really being said, but I wanted to be there for you.

It seems as if I am the last one to know something big that happened in your life. It makes me really sad….For somethings I can’t talk about with some other people I am close to, I would tell you, you were my sister. But I can’t even do that now, so everything is bottled up inside. Right now, I feel like people are starting to hate me again and I don’t know what to do or think. I am starting to have my negative thoughts again.  I really miss you and I really wish you missed me too . And yes you !  remember me? Yeah, I was your BEST friend before you got your girlfriend. Now, we're like complete strangers. so bye.
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When the person you're mad at grabs you nd asks you whats wrong, you can't help but look away. Why? B'cus you're eventually going to tear up nd they'll look at you nd say "Tell me."

You look the other way nd say "I'm fine. It's nothing." nd no matter hard you try to get away, they won't let you go until they find out what's wrong...
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You’re lucky, Allah SWT gifted you with hidayah. Share it with others too.
Fatin Nursyahira / 17