Loading.. Tralalala dim dum dam dim dom. Hahaha hi creatures! Tada ;D Hows my new look? Yeah too plain i guess :/ But nawh, nowdays people always do simple, plain blogs. I guess its trending now Hehe ;p Not to mention, its attractive. Less is more ;) So I'm kinda loving my new look. It gives me Peace (Y)

So, life? Hmm i cant spell the word great. Gosh, what is wrong with my life? :( Nothings wrong.. I think. Its actually normal. Fine. But not great. As i want. Hello, who doesnt want a great life? But somethings just doesnt feel right in here.. Here, in my heart. It feels like, you know, like.. KAY STOP THE DRAMA. Well, I guess i felt hurt by One's Statement. Well, its kinda my fault at first but hmm..

Okay i dont know what to say. Wait, why should i say something? Why should i even care? -,- Argh, may ! examination ! You're dissapointing me. You got me waiting for something awhsome, yet groosome things came. Too much pain. Too much conflicts. Too much pressure. Too much homeworks. Dear July, i put out a white flag.

Sometimes, people get sick of too much SORRIES.
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Yaww monstah! :D Ape habaq? Sehat dok? Haih tengok, macam - macam bahasa dah keluar :P Otak dah gile. Mmg mcm tu -.- Kenape dah gile? Ouhyeah salahkan Exam yg kejam tu. Nak jugak menyebok datang -.- Selalu memusnahkan kegembiraan murid-murid. Boo!

Nightmare starts today till thursday ! Homay :O I havent finished studying :'( Eh did i even study? o.O Haih ape nak jadi awak nie Fatin comel ! Taksedar diri. boleh maen maen mcm tahun lepas lagi. Lagi 3 hari nak exam, baru terhegeh nak selak buku. Gelabah. Padan muka. Eleh bajet jek nak marah diri sendiri :P

Pray for my success. God bless you all. XX

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