Please ? :)
Tolonglah, bagi aku rasa hidup bahagia. Sekali je wehh. Sekali jeeeeeeeeeeee. Aku pun manusia biasa. Ada hati, ada perasaan. Teringin nak hidup bahagia. Takda orang dengki, takda orang menyakitkan hati, just happy. Is it hard fr you to let me be with my own world ha? Tolonglah, I'm begging you. This time serioushit I mean it. Please, nd please I do beg you jangan kacau life aku wehh. Tolonglah aku penat nangis, penat sakit hati, penat stress. You dunno how its feel being me mann. All this aren't a easy part fr me. Please people please. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . let me live my life happily :(

aku nak hidup aku happy mcm org lain boleh ? :)
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